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The Truth behind the attack on Robert Kuok

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Chinese New Year has been very interesting this year especially in the mad political scene in Malaysia.

Malaysian Chinese by nature got TIDAK APA ATTITUDE when it comes to their brotherhood being bashed right, left and center by other races.  But when Raja Petra, Najib and Nazri attacked Robert Kuok whom the Chinese regarded as the World Class Businessman in our time, the Chinese community and China united as one to defend the innocent victim.

Yes, not many people realized that China sent a strong protest letter to Najib.  In other word, Najib was scolded for being stupid.

So what is the story behind this recent personal attack on Robert Kuok.

Last year many Businessmen have been told to donate a particular amount according to their status for GE14.  The sum ranges from RM5 million to RM100 million.  Naza coughed up around RM10 million. Air Asia RM30 million, Genting RM50 million, Berjaya RM60 million etc…..Robert Kuok was told to donate RM100 million.

According to rumour Robert Kuok donated over RM60 million plus he helped Najib secure meetings with President Xi and arranged for Rosmah and the children to invest in China.  Yes, Rosmah even got her hands into China market.

So Najib being a shy person got some people to help collect the balance RM40 million from Robert Kuok in exchange for a RM20 million commission.

Given RM20 million is a lot today to those who are on the verge of being declared bankrupt, those seeking to launch their children political career and those seeking pension since they are going to lose in this coming GE14.

If one were to follow the many attack against DAP in Penang since last year, one would notice that something is seriously up.

MACC should be considered a major player in this coming GE14 since their main task is to attack DAP in Penang. 

Five Malay Players and certain Royal Household are planning to overtake Penang from DAP and put a Malay from Gerakan as CM this coming GE14.  These people needed at least RM60 million to buy Gerakan and Malays in Penang. Daim was particularly forced to donate RM2 million into this group. Vincent Tan donated RM5 million.

These people are looking and dreaming about that RM20 million commission to solve their problems by March 2018. 

But Robert Kuok is nobody's fool.

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How to Perform Salatul Hajat – The Prayer of Need

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Muslims have been obligated to perform Salah five times a day. The implication of these prayers is to attain nearness to Allah SWT, forgiveness of wrongdoings and fulfillment of just wishes. God, the Exalted does not need us to pray to Him, rather it is us who actually require His assistance and guidance. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:
“And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah].” [Quran, 2: 45]
Apart from compulsory Namaz, there is great importance of Nawafil (Supererogatory prayers), which are means to gain something extra or as bonus, which include salat al Istikharah and Tahajjud etc. It is said that requests made to the Exalted One on some special occasions are never rejected, like after five obligatory prayers, late at night, in a state of prostration, an hour on Friday, the night of Qadar (decree), and during Adhan etc. Huzaifa (R.A) narrated the Apostle (PBUH) of Allah having said:
“Whenever a matter became serious, the Prophet (PBUH) turned to salah”. (Abu Dawood)
It means that one can plea to God at any time asking for His Help, for He is the Most Merciful and Beneficent. Among all voluntary appeals to Allah, there is also one important prayer, which is called Salat ul Hajat. It is observed for the purpose of completion of one`s particular Haajah (need). It is actually not similar to any other prescribed Namaz, but it is just one of the ways to beg the Almighty for one`s rightful wish.
He who makes wudu, and does it properly, then prays two rak`ats, Allah will grant him whatever he may pray for, sooner or later”. (Ahmad)
Although there are some disagreements among the scholars whether this should be considered as a prayer, but there is no doubt that one can request the Lord for anything any time. As in the Holy Quran, Allah SWT says:
“And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.” [Quran, 2: 186]
There is no doubt that the Most Gracious listens to the invocations of the ones who ask from Him with strong belief and conviction in their hearts. The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah has been quoted by Abu Hurrerah (R.A) to have said:
“The Prophet (saws) said, “Nothing is dearer to Allah than one’s supplication to Him.” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)
It means that the Gracious Lord likes the one who asks from Him alone for every need.
Format Of Salat-ul-Hajat
The procedure of Salaat-ul-Haajat is as follows:
    1. First of all, making and maintaining a state of wudhu
    2. Then performing two raka’ts Nafl Salaat
    3. After the Salaat, reciting the praises of Allah SWT and Durood Shareef.
    4. Reciting as much amount of Tasbeeh – and Durood Shareef as possible.
    5. In the end, making a keen Dua e Hajat for the fulfillment of one`s requirement or obscurity.Dua (Supplication)
      According to a narration, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has prescribed the following form of request to Allah Almighty:
      “There is no god but Allah the Clement and Wise. There is no god but Allah the High and Mighty. Glory be to Allah, Lord of the Tremendous Throne. All praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds. I ask you (O Allah) everything that leads to your mercy, and your tremendous forgiveness, enrichment in all good and freedom from all sin. Do not leave a sin of mine (O Allah), except that you forgive it, nor any concern except that you create for it an opening, nor any need in which there is your good pleasure except that you fulfill it, O Most Merciful!” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)
      Although this is a considered as a weak Hadith, but the fact remains that this supplication contains all the necessary ingredients for completion of one`s equitable wishes. The core constituents of this prayer contain praising the Lord in the most rightful manner, considering Him as the only One Who can fulfill one`s needs and asking Him for pardon, improvement in matters, liberty from transgression completely, and completion of deeds and needs that accompany His due Consent. Such is the beauty of this plea that if it is made having understood its overall meaning, it guides to purification of one`s heart from all wrongdoings and in turn leading to Allah`s blessings in the form completion of said prayers ultimately.
      Things To Consider While Carrying out Salat-ul-Hajat
      1. Being in complete state of hygiene, having worn neat and tidy clothes and fulfilling the criterion of proper etiquettes like that of any other prayer
      2. Choosing a place that is clean and away from noise and distractions
      3. Keeping complete concentration while supplicating to the Almighty with a strong belief in His Merciful and Benevolent nature, and also asking from Him with great humbleness and meekness
      The overall theme of this supplication is to achieve the just behavior while asking Allah SWT, because when one is requesting from the Almighty Lord, which requires a high degree of reverence.
      In short, Salat-ul-Hajat is similar to any other prayer which results in attainment of one`s needs and wishes, but through its succinct pattern of execution, it also teaches us the correct way of asking god, the Exalted. May Allah SWT grant us His guidance to pray to Him in the most rightful manner! Aameen!

Will Najib's Thug Tactics Work For GE14?

Will Najib's Thug Tactics Work For GE14?
No one was surprised at the outrageous judgement today in a Malaysian High Court, which issued a three year jail sentence against one of the country’s most respected and able opposition politicians based on a law that was abolished in 2013.
It makes it an illegal judgement.  Yet, Rafizi Ramli was fully prepared for the negative ruling, issuing video statements in both English and Malay in anticipation of being sent to jail on the basis of a law that no longer exists.  That is BN’s Malaysia for you, should you choose to become an effective spokesman for the opposition!
This sensationally peculiar ruling was no less outrageous or perverse, of course, than the one that also succeeded in jailing the opposition leader himself, when Anwar’s full acquittal on a criminal charge was immediately and outlandishly appealed by the prosecution.  To appeal an acquital in a criminal case is a tactic that the legal system quite rightly completely rules out, unless dramatic new evidence has been discovered at a later stage.  This was absolutely not the situation in Anwar’s case, where prosecutors simply  appealed the verdict of innocence, there and then, on the basis that it did not suit the Prime Minister.
In similar vein, two days ago, yet another key opposition leader, Tian Chua, was found “guilty” for exclaiming “bastard” and “stupid police” when officers snatched his phone from his hand in a hotel foyer whilst he was using it back in 2014 (they were investigating him for an allegedly ‘seditious tweet’, a charge they later quietly dropped).
Who wouldn’t utter such words or worse under such circumstances?  However, the police say their “modesty was insulted” and under Malaysia’s bonkers administration of present justice, the judge agreed.  Crucially for the administration, this also disqualifies Tian Chua from running in the election!
Both Rafizi and Tian Chua have been harried and hounded in this manner repeated times by the ruling party and its various tame officials. In his video’d statement Rafizi points out that he has been subject to no less than 13 separate charges since he began campaigning against rampant corruption in high circles since the last election and arrested many times.
Tian Chua has also been forced on numerous occasions to do time in custody and face trials for this and that for being a similarly doughty, brave and able campaigner against corruption.

Greedy Cow

In the case of Rafizi, as everybody in Malaysia knows, the sin he committed was to expose one of the most outrageous scandals to come to recent light relating to senior figures in the present government, who treat the public coffers as if they are their personal piggy banks from which hundreds of millions can be raided.
The matter was dubbed the National Feedlot Scandal – or more simply Cowgate – after Rafizi revealed that RM250 million of public money was quietly funnelled into a supposed cattle rearing project ‘to feed the poor’ through a  company that just happened to be owned by the husband of one of Najib’s most loyal ministers, the hatchet faced Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.
Rafizi produced documents to show that whilst the Feedlot project quickly foundered, with barely a cow in sight to help feed the poor, Shahrizat’s husband had been investing in luxury high-end condos designed to accommodate the likes of their super-rich BN cronies. It was those documents that proved Rafizi’s undoing.
Because, as he points out in his video statement, whilst no effort whatsoever has been made to prosecute or hold to account those who managed to lose RM250 of public money meant for the poor, whilst finding plenty of financing to invest in fancy condos, the full force of Malaysia’s legal apparatus was immediately turned against him and his source for revealing banking documents that exposed the scandal.
It is not the only case he is facing prosecution over as a whistleblower.  The diversion of millions of ringgit from an army pension to finance land purchases from 1MDB has also caught Rafizi’s ire, quite rightly, and he denounced that fact also.  However, the revelation had been made public through a segment of the Auditor General’s report on the billion dollar 1MDB scandal, which ought under the constitution have been classified a public document.
However, in an act of illegality and outrageous abuse of power, Prime Minister Najib had declared the report an Official Secret (after having earlier promised the public that they could rely on it for answers when it was published) meaning that Rafizi was prosecuted for referring to it as evidence to the theft of Armed Forces pension money.
Once again Rafizi stands to be convicted of this ‘crime’ and further jailed, although no effort is being made to prosecute those revealed to have connived at this theft from the old age pensions of service men, who risked their lives to serve their country.
Another opposition political figure facing malicious prosecution for standing up for the public interest is, of course, the DAP leader Guan Eng, persecuted on flimsy grounds for allegedly getting a good deal on his private house purchase.
Meanwhile, Malaysians have been forced to look on as the most gross and greedy crimes of all have rested at the door of their own Prime Minister, who is behind each and every one of these politically motivated prosecutions.  Najib plainly has come to the decision that he will use every instrument at his disposal to go after all his political enemies and beat down the opposition so they can’t put forward their leading lights at the next election.  Preferably he wants these leading lights and able spokesmen banged up behind bars, so that they can’t campaign at all.  However he will have been disappointed that in Rafizi’s case the judge has allowed him to remain free pending an appeal.
Furthermore, by cracking down on ‘whistleblowers’, even if that means resorting to using legislation that no longer exists, Najib hopes to put off anyone else thinking of bringing out further scandals (and there are very many lurking) relating to his termally corrupted administration before polling day.
Other intimidation strategies include planned further censorship laws to encompass individual remarks on social media to silence “Fake News”.  This is how Najib plans to win the ‘propaganda war’ – by locking up critics and barring opposition candidates from running.
He plainly thinks this, together with an armoury of cash and other strong arm tactics, will serve to subdue the Malaysian electorate into a resigned relection of himself and his band of BN brothers.
But, maybe Malaysians are made of sterner stuff and more moral fibre?  What is clear is that only the people of Malaysia can now take the decision and make the move to intervene and rescue the brave warriors like Anwar, Rafizi, Tain Chua and others who have been willing to sacrifice their freedom to stand up for the public interest and what is right.
They will have to vote against Najib and set such people free once more.

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Criminal Breach of Trust is legally accepted By UMNO pariah dogs

By now most Malaysians have accepted that the Malaysian Court are occupied by pariah dogs who have no bloody business to be Judges.

Do you know that most of the Malay Judges do not know how to write Judgments.  Many cases goes to limbo land because Appeal courts do not sit unless there is written Judgments.  Most Malaysian Judges take orders from Mr and Mrs Arse Hole, while others do not have the SKILL OF WRITING.
AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. Court clerks do all the donkey work while Judges with no skill of writing and reading gets high pay and other benefits.

Today a Judge has shown his lack of skill in law by dishing out 30 months Jail to two person who exposed the crime of an UMNO elite.

This UMNO elite and her family enjoyed to the fullest RM250 million without spending a day in jail.

This is not the first time an UMNO elite has committed serious crime and the person who exposed it went to jail.

In August 1998, Lim Guan Eng was sentenced to 18 months in Jail because he defended the rights of a Malay girl.




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Biggest fucked up Prime Minister of Malaysia
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Biggest heist in the world

With such promising career how not to tumble down like a rolling stone.